Monday, 30 December 2013

Purple Sandpipers

I recently went to Brixham Harbour on the Western side of Torbay.

The wind was extremely strong but it created a wild atmosphere and it was great watching the gulls and gannets battling against the wind.

The breakwater that creates the harbour is a favoured wintering site for rocky shore specialist birds such as purple sandpiper, turnstone and rock pipit.

(Great Black-backed gull)

I counted 23 purple sandpipers and at least 15 turnstones along the shoreline of the breakwater and several rock pipits were nervously feeding in the same area.

(Purple sandpipers and turnstone)

Interestingly 2 turnstones and a purple sandpiper were feeding from a fishermen's leftover bait on the concrete walkway of the breakwater, this is behaviour I have seen in turnstones before, but not purple sandpipers.

(Turnstones and purple sandpiper)

The harbour itself is apparently a regular haunt of grey seals that like to hunt the fish that frequent the calmer waters.

I saw a huge bull grey seal at dusk hunting along the shoreline although he never remained above water long enough for a picture. A fantastic sight!

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Brazil Trip Report

I have now published a trip report for my summer spent in Brazil on my website. (A summer in Brazil) Or direct on sky driver:

Invertebrate species lists will hopefully soon be updated.

Hopefully the report will prove to be useful to those interested in visiting some of the areas and maybe encourage people to visit Brazil!

I have not gone into detail on personal highlights and experiences because there would be too many to list. However the time I spent at REGUA particularly provided me with some outstanding wildlife and people experiences. It was a true pleasure to spend time and have stimulating, funny and memorable conversations with so many like minded conservationists, birders, volunteers, locals and guides.

The wildlife highlights range from moments of pure heaven seeing unusual and rare behaviour and species, to catching some great camera trap footage and a few slightly scary encounters with a puma!

As always I will be happy to help give advice to anyone interested in specific detail, or please get in touch if you have any suggestions or comments.